John Denver is legend – one of the most talented and popular singers and composers of our time. Although it is hard to say I am a country music fanboy (I do listen to, occasionally), living in a Southern state like Texas, I think there are few things you can’t just ignore: cowboys, guns and country songs, just to name some. Record stores here normally have a separated dedicated section for country music. And of course, John Denver is a familiar name there.

I don’t pay much attention to John Denver and I kinda dislike his albums’ cover. Sounds silly, right? But in fact, covers are important and Denver’s are just not appealing. However, when I saw Windsong & Spirit laying there for just $1 each, I went ahead and picked them up. John Denver is always worth a try.

I made a mistake playing Spirit first. It nearly killed my music mood for the whole night. Spirit is no way a terrible album, but it is not a terrific, mind-blowing one, either. John Denver is well-known for his acoustic guitar. That man can do pretty much everything with it. And his talent shows here. His voice is joy and fun, seems really charismatic and likable. But that’s all. I see nothing new besides that.

Then, I played Windsong. It was so much better. It gave me the warm and sensational feeling. It was hard to describe but Windsong in my opinion came very close to meditation music. You could feel there were winds and mountains, fresh breezes and water. I think they are Denver’s trademark – his incredible ability to bring all elements together and use music to bring them to audiences.

Yep, that’s it. Very short review I know. I think I might listen to Windsong again soon; I just had a feeling that I was close to wholeheartedly sense and touch it. Hope next time will be better because there are few artists that you can give them benefit of the doubt – like: their works must be good. John Denver is one of them.