Yeah, I wanna begin my entry with the sentence borrowed from a song by U2.

These days, in VietNam, one of the most concerned topics is this news

To me, Y! 360 (( is no longer a place to blog. I have closed it for nearly 3 months. But, from the bottom of my heart (you can say that I’m a crazy man, huh?), it is my memory, and sometimes, another me.

And I think, the sentence above is true with lots of people.

When losing a place to blog is still not a very big problem, because you can do it easily with Facebook (the Note function) ((, Wordpess (like me) ((, or Blogger ((…, losing your “social” world – although it’s not real – is a total disaster tragedy.

Yahoo was a group of talent people. Now it still is. However, its strategies nowadays go – oh, how pity I am when saying this – to the wrong destinations on the wrong roads. In spite of spending lots of time to improve its very popular Blog Service (Y! 360), Yahoo made people think about the image of a ‘two-timing rouge’ – kicked Y! 360 ass to flirt – not one, but a lot of new girls.

Yahoo had lost hook, line and sinker. It buried one of its new girls (Y! Mash) and had to send its old one (Y! 360) to grave.

Y! Mash

But that is still not something to lay the blame on.

I have to say: Poor Vietnamese users! They provide you two services: Y! Plus (( and Y! Profiles (( and ask you to choose one.

I vote for Y! Profiles.

Y! Profiles

How elegant it is, compare with the ugly and messy Y! Plus. But the question is: who will be the Y! Messenger’s guy?

I can say, almost 100% people using Internet in VietNam like Y! Messenger. And it was very convenient to have your friends’ updates (new entry or new blast) through Y!M.


Those were the days. And of course, with the two new Y!’s blogging platforms, we want to remain those days. But, who – between Y! + and Y! Profiles, will have the honour to marry our little girl Y!M, in order to put on or to strip off her clothes?

Many people want Y! Profiles, for things that I’ve said before. But now, Y! + has just started his own way to steal the girl’s heart. It’s easy to understand when looking at the things that Y! VietNam team has done – ad campaigns, translate into VietNam, create tool to import from Y! 360…

People will use the one in which they have their friends’ new updates right away. So, the little girl chosen guy will be the winner.

Hope that guy will be Y! Profiles.

In this entry, I don’t want to mention about another inconvenient of Y! +: “it is just for Vietnamese”.

The last sentences is: Farewell, my lovely Y!360. Farewell, my memory. Farewell, another me.